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CC vs. DU -- Gold Pan Donor Challenge

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CC vs. DU -- Gold Pan Donor Challenge

In 2013, Colorado College triumphed in an overwhelming victory over the University of Denver, and took home the trophy in the CC vs. DU alumni participation challenge.

Flash forward four years: Today, on Nov. 1, CC and DU will go head-to-head again in the Gold Pan Giving Challenge. The first school to receive gifts from 1,000 donors will win! Alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff, and students are all eligible to participate in this year's challenge.

You have been a key donor who has led CC challenges to successful outcomes in the past, so we're calling on you now to help us beat DU again!

Remember, no matter the challenge, CC always wins:

CC vs DU

Let's show DU that we can beat them as quickly as possible. Make your gift NOW and help us spread the word!

The winner will be announced at the puck drop of the first CC vs. DU hockey game on Dec. 8, 2017. You can follow progress  CC here, or of both schools and purchase tickets to the games at


Let's get social: Be sure to use #CCvsDUChallenge on social media.

Choose a giving level


Coffee Club

In the spirit of giving, buy CC a figurative cup of coffee!


Gold Pan Series Years

The Battle for the Gold Pan has gone on between CC and DU for 24 years! Give $24 in honor of each year we've honored this tradition, and know that your gift makes everything from biological pipettes, to athletics equipment, to peer tutoring possible.


Gold Pan began in 1950!

Give $50 in honor of the inaugural year of the series between University of Denver and Colorado College (1950). Your gift to CC could help to defray the costs for a financial aid student to experience Canyoneering in Utah over block-break.


Games CC has won...

... throughout the history of the Battle for the Gold Pan series between CC and DU! Your gift of $116 could also help to rent an entire bus for CC students to get to the World Arena to help cheer on CC hockey!


Total Gold Pan Series Games

Give $308 for the number of total games played between the two schools (308). Your gift to CC could cover the cost of an honorarium for a local author to spend a day teaching a CC English class about publishing their first novel.


.500 record

Give $500 in honor of the Battle for the Gold Pan record between CC and DU throughout the history of the series (.500 record). Your gift of $500 could supply a portion of an internship stipend for a CC student that would otherwise go unpaid.


Goals CC hockey has made...

...throughout the history of the series. (1,180) Your gift could supply two or more financial aid students with book scholarships to help purchase textbooks or lab materials needed for their classes.


1874 Society

Named for the founding year of the institution, the 1874 Society is composed of alumni, parents and friends who lead by example and contribute more than $1 million annually in support of student financial aid, funding programs and departments, career services, and athletics opportunities.


President's Circle

The President’s Circle is made up of leaders collectively providing President Tiefenthaler with well over $1,000,000 of available funds to help realize some of the college’s most important priorities such as financial aid, faculty development, and emerging initiatives.

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