Class of 2017 Endowment

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Become a trustee for the 2018-2019 academic year!

Class of 2017 Endowment

Here's to the Class of 2017!

An anonymous donor, who has been inspired by the philanthropic efforts your class, is challenging you to remain vital members of the Colorado College community as alumni. The donor has set aside $566,000 as an endowment in the name of the Class of 2017 to inspire your class to continue your legacy of giving. Here is an update of the endowment as of March 2019.


What is an Endowment Fund?

As opposed to an Annual Fund, which provides flexibility with college spending and allows for immediate costs to be covered, an Endowment Fund is a secured fund that functions similarly to a savings account. Gifts to an Endowment Fund become part of the corpus, or the principal of the fund, which exists in perpetuity. The yearly payout of this principal will be gifted annually to Colorado College in the name of the Class of 2017.

This gift is currently being held in a third-party trust, and will be officially gifted to CC per the terms of the Class of 2017. As the donor remains anonymous, it is up to the Class of 2017 to give purpose and direction to this gift by becoming Trustees of the Class of 2017 Endowment Fund. 

What is the Class of 2017’s role?

Here’s how you can help: This donor wants your class to determine where this money goes. Every student in the Class of 2017 has the ability to vote on where you want this money to go.

Financial Aid? The Butler Center? Sustainability? Cast your vote, and we will allocate the respective percentage of the funds to each designation.

For example, if 35 percent of your class voted to allocate the funds to Financial Aid, and 16 percent of your class voted to allocate the funds to Sustainability, then we will designate 35 percent of the annual payout this year to Financial Aid, while Sustainability will still be able to receive 16 percent of that annual interest.

This means that each vote makes a difference!

How can the Class of 2017 stay involved?

Give: Visit the sidebar to review some designations for inspiration and make a gift of your own! Your gift makes you a trustee of the endowment.

Vote: You will be able support future CC students by voting to designate the gift toward any existing funds within the college when you make your gift. 

As a Trustee of the fund, you will be updated on the impacts of the fund and be involved in the direction of this gift. To continue as a trustee, make sure you make your yearly gift!

Do the votes change year to year?

Because this fund will exist in perpetuity, there will be different ways to vote and engage with the designations of this fund each academic year. Look out for a new voting opportunity for the 2018-2019 academic year!

The vote you cast will be designated to the funds you voted for, and will have the ability to impact students who currently attend Colorado College! You can change your vote to a new area in future years or continue to support the same designation you choose year after year.

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