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Class of 2017 Endowment

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Class of 2017 Endowment

Here's to the Class of 2017!

Colorado College's Class of 2017 has a unique and exciting opportunity. An anonymous donor has committed a $566,000 --$1,000 for each of the 566 members of the graduating class -- as "the Class of 2017 Endowment". The principle will be managed off-site, however, the payout will be directed to CC each year (~$30,000 each year)

Class of 2017 members you can make your own gift each fiscal year, and you can make your gift to any designation within CC.

What is an Endowment Fund?

As opposed to an Annual Fund, which provides flexibility with college spending and allows for immediate costs to be covered, an Endowment Fund is a secured fund that functions similarly to a savings account. Gifts to an Endowment Fund become part of the corpus, or the principal of the fund, which exists in perpetuity. The yearly payout of this principal will be gifted annually to Colorado College in the name of the Class of 2017.

This gift is currently being held in a third-party trust and will be officially gifted to CC per the terms of the Class of 2017. 

What is the Class of 2017’s role?

Here’s how you can help: This donor wants your class to determine where this money goes. 

Financial Aid? The Butler Center? Sustainability?

This means that each gift makes a difference!

How can the Class of 2017 stay involved?

Give: Visit the sidebar to review some designations for inspiration and make a gift of your own! 

Make your gift of $20.17 in support of any designation within CC today.

By giving back, you are joining fellow alumni in strengthening the power of the Class of 2017 Endowment and contributing to the success of current and future generations of Colorado College students.


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