Class of 1976 45th Reunion

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Class of 1976 45th Reunion Fundraising

Dear Class of 1976, 

Popular songs of the seventies age well; allow some favorites to come to mind. Now add a few favorites from your years at CC and think of friends you shared them with on campus. Is that humming I hear? Are you back on campus yet? If not, you can be in a few short months for our 45th Reunion. Just make plans to be here Oct. 8-10, 2021 and see for yourself! You’ll see we’ve aged pretty well, too !

As a committee, we are planning a series of events for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, some of which will be with the Class of ’75, whose members missed their reunion because of COVID-19. So, there’s a good chance you could see friends from both years, especially if you reach out and make plans together. 

We will have the Gates Common Room with both classes Friday evening, serving light fare and drinks while Saturday evening features a dinner in the Boardroom space in the Spencer Building, immediately across the street from the new Robson Arena. Friday night’s event will end early enough to still head out in smaller groups or possibly attend the hockey game. However, since this will be the grand opening for the Robson Arena, and the first game of the season for the Tigers, we don’t know yet if tickets for alumni will be available. More on that later. 

During the virtual planning weekend in February, Interim President Mike Edmonds spoke of projects underway and nearing completion at CC, including the Building on Originality campaign and the new Robson Arena. To visit campus is to gain a greater understanding of how CC is evolving and of the role that reunion classes can play in CC’s growth, in support of today’s students, and in the future of CC in general. 

In conjunction with the reunion, we are asking you to join us in supporting CC with a gift. There are many ways to do so, and contributions of any amount are welcome. The goal is to achieve a participation level which is as broad as possible for the Class of ’76; even if you are not able to attend the reunion, your gift will still be credited to the class. As an extra incentive for us all this year, as individuals or as a class, there is a matching gift program, whereby a gift of $50,000, whether by an individual or a group, will be matched with another $50,000, resulting in a $100,000 donation in the name of that individual or group. And, if an outright gift is not possible for you at this time, perhaps consider including CC in your estate planning. 

That’s it for now. We hope you will make plans to come and renew old friendships and make new ones. We look forward to seeing you on campus in October! 


Your Class of 1976 Reunion Planning Committee 

Mark Buchanan, Jim Deichen, Kathy Vigil Deichen, Rob Hevey, Susan Barney Jones, Tom McKenzie, Susan Tachau

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