Young Alumni Reunion

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Colorado College Mutual Aid

Young Alumni Reunion Fundraising

Dear Young Alumni,

We know it’s been a challenging year for our many communities, and we hope to see you on campus at the upcoming Homecoming celebration, the weekend of Friday, October 8, to Sunday, October 10, 2021. We’re moving ahead with planning young alumni events -- including a picnic with lawn games and a young alumni panel -- as well as events for all alumni. Plans are subject to change or cancellation as we respond to the ongoing pandemic and adhere to local and state public health guidelines.

We’re also thrilled to be raising money for Colorado College Mutual Aid Fund (CCMA), which was founded by CC students in July 2020. CC Mutual Aid strives to provide an accessible CC education for CC students with financial need. Current students can request funding to help cover urgent and necessary costs (ex: medical bills, groceries, rent, etc.) that are not covered by their financial aid packages, and every single dollar raised goes directly to students. Learn more about CCMA in the video below.

We’re thrilled that CC alumna and trustee Lisa Hastings ’91, P’23 and her husband and fellow alumnus Mark Hastings ’90, P’23 have pledged to unlock $5,000 for CC Mutual Aid if 100 young alumni donors give to CC Mutual Aid. Gifts of any amount will count towards this goal.

Do you have $50 to give to a CC student in need? Or $10? Are you able to set up a recurring donation? Let’s get to our goal of 100+ young alumni donors and $10,000 for CC Mutual Aid!

It gets better! If we reach our goal of $10,000 for CCMA, Reunion Committee member Sarah Laico ’19 will donate her hair (and shave her head!) at Homecoming this fall. Want to hop on board to donate your hair? Have your own idea for a giving challenge? Email to get involved.

Give today through our giving page. Or, you can give via Venmo to @ccannualgiving with the caption “Mutual Aid.”

Let’s pay it forward!

Best wishes,

Your Young Alumni Reunion Committee:

Nathan Andersen ’17

Onyx Bengston ’18

Hamiyyet Bilgi ’18

Hannah Bollen ’19

Brandon Edwards ’20

Alex Flugel ’17

Valerie Hanna ’18

DeAira Hermani ’17

Zora Jackson-Bartelmus ’17

Sarah Laico ’19

Angel Martinez ’19

Marissa Maurelli ’17

Sophie Mittelstadt ’19

Justin Nguyen ’18

James Reohr ’18

Miriam Sanchez ’19

Victor Torres III ’18

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