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International Student Assistance Fund

Support International Students!

Your gift would support international student emergency requests.

How can you make a difference in the life of an international student today? 

To put it simply, we’re looking to raise $20,000 and when you support the international student assistance fund today, you are directly helping students to be able to better budget for their groceries, to eliminate the stress of housing insecurity, and to help students stay safe and warm during the harsh Colorado winter.  

No single international student, no matter their financial background, should have to worry about how they’re going to afford their next mealhow they’ll be able to make their next few months of rent, how they’re going to stay safe from the brutal Colorado temperatures, or when they’ll be able to see their family next.  

Because we are CC. And together, we can work to make sure that every international student has the resources they need to focus on their dream of getting a college education, without the added stress of worrying about how they’ll be able to afford their basic necessities while on campus.  

So please, I hope you’ll join us in supporting international CC students by learning more and making your gift today. Let’s show the community what we’re all about and help provide a safety net for our friends in need. 

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