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CC COVID-19 Response: Personal Protective Equipment Fund

Join Prof. Andrea Bruder & Rachel Paupeck in Supporting Our Medical Community Today!

Join Us in Making PPE Face Shields for Hospitals


(UPDATE: We've been featured in a recent CNBC article! Check it out here:


We are a group of faculty and staff at Colorado College trying to use our resources help our friends, nurses, EMT's, and doctors by making face shields for hospitals and other emergency management services. This is in an effort to help fill the PPE gap that is growing within our healthcare system both locally and nationally.

We have partnered with Pike's Peak Emergency Management Team to understand the exact and growing needs of our local healthcare services teams - and we are also receiving requests from contacts at other hospitals throughout New York City that we are hoping to serve. We will be making hundreds of reusable and single-use face shields over the next few weeks and will distribute on an ongoing basis until all needs are met or we have exhausted our resources.

We are making single-use shields as well as reusable shields, which are more sustainable but require a different type of plastic and are being made using the two 3D printers in the Art Department. The reusable shields are made of PETG plastic — a similar material as in plastic water bottles, which can be sanitized.

Image of the Current Prototype:


The face shields are comprised of two parts, a clear visor that wraps 180 degrees around the user’s head, and an elastic headband that holds it in place. The team plans to make hundreds of reusable and single-use face shields over the next few weeks, with shields that are durable, flexible enough to be comfortable for extended periods of time, and fog-resistant, and fit over goggles and masks.

We are looking to scale our production capacity, and we would like to collaborate with others in Colorado who have 3D printing capabilities. It currently takes about three hours to produce one shield, but we are aiming to get production time down to 15 minutes through iterating the design and adjusting printing variables. The design calls for PETG (non-carbon) filament plastic; 2.88 millimeter spool plastic for the headgear, .03 millimeter sheet plastic for the shield, and should cost no more than $5 per face shield.

Image of Art Professor Rachel Paupeck in a 3-D Print Face Shield:

The prototypes are still being worked out but we hope to get them to be quite durable, flexible enough to be comfortable for extended periods of time, will resist fogging up with use, and fit well over googles and masks. 

Because of the immediacy of the needs compounded with the current delays in supply chains we are asking for gifts before we finalize our prototype so we can order materials needed immediately and begin production once they arrive.  

You can collaborate with us by:

  • Making a gift in collaboration to cover the costs of materials.
  • Volunteering to help make face shields remotely from your homes.  Whether you have your own 3d printer, a sewing machine, or just a set of scissors - there are many ways you can help build PPE.​

We've compiled some resources here: 

Thank You & Let's Make a Difference!!!

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