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Class of 2021 Senior Class Gift 196 gifts of the 440 needed to reach our goal!  

December Newsletter

December 14, 2020

Colorado College

Class of 2021 Senior Gift 


December 2020


The Colorado College Mutual Aid Fund

The CC Mutual Aid Fund (CCMAF), founded this summer, is a student-run group that strives to better our community’s collective capacity to access a CC education while addressing a number of related challenges that may have arisen due to COVID-19.


CCMAF has redistributed $77,588 to 156 applicants since its foundation, with individual donations from over 500 members of the CC community.

Need requests left unfulfilled exceeded $250,000. Click here for demographic funding data!


Fundraising Workshops 

CCMAF has collaborated with Resource Generation to provide Transformative Fundraising Workshops each semester.  

The virtual workshops provide groups of students with the opportunity to discuss class privilege and collect donations specifically for CCMAF. We will be releasing information about upcoming workshops in 2021 on various platforms!


Class Motto Vote

The submission form for the Class of 2021 motto was sent out on November 19th, and the Class will vote on the motto in January to cement their unique legacy within the CC community!


Class of 2021 Impact

188 seniors have participated in the Senior Gift to CCMAF so far -- that is 94% of our Donor Goal for the end of 2020 and 126 more participants than previous years at this point!

 Class of 2021 Donations total over $8,000 of the funds

donated to CC Mutual Aid this year.


And finally, the Class of 2021 would like to welcome our College’s 14th president, L. Song Richardson, to the CC community!



CC Mutual Aid

November 19, 2020

Dear Class of 2021! 


There’s an excitement surrounding Colorado College this year. We are celebrating our 50th Anniversary of the Block plan! We invite you to be a part of this sense of pride by supporting CC during these hard and difficult times for our 2021 class, and all other CC students. 

This year, we are offering a new giving opportunity to help address the growing financial needs of our students, which are the top priority at CC. The CC Mutual Aid Fund has been established by students and it’s run by students. This fund will be used to enhance help to students with financial needs, like paying rent, buying groceries, and many other needs they might encounter. 


You can help the next generation of CC students by considering a gift to the CC Mutual Aid Fund. Remember, it’s not the amount of your gift but rather the participation that matters. Give $5, $10, or your grad year $20.21, or whatever you can afford. Every dollar makes a difference. 

Make your gift through Venmo @CCAnnualGiving, and make sure to add in the comments section that you want your gift to go to the CC Mutual Aid Fund in the name of the Class of 2021. You can also visit our Crowdfunding page.


Generous people like you help keep CC, strong and make a difference in the life of so many students. On behalf of your Senior Gift Officers, thank you for supporting and for helping to provide help for generations to come, and our Class of 2021 Gift tradition. 


All the best for a great year! 

Senior Gift Officers 


Meet your Senior Gift Officer Peyton Roepke

November 04, 2020

Peyton is a senior Theatre major with a minor in Performance Design. She is a first-generation student from Mississippi.

This year, Peyton is serving as one of the Senior Gift Officers. Peyton has worked as an Annual Giving Intern for the last two years. She is currently serving as Treasurer of QuestBridge but has been President/Cochair for two years. She is also involved in Asian Student Union, First Generation Collegiate Program, and CCadoptees.

Peyton is excited to be working with the Senior Class in order to help fund the CC Mutual Aid thus helping our students!

Meet your Senior Gift Officer - Lauren Hecht

November 04, 2020

Lauren is a senior Political Science major, with minors in Latin American Studies and Art Studio.

This year, Lauren is serving as a Senior Gift Officer for the Class of 2021. Lauren worked in the Annual Giving office as a Philanthropy Ambassador for two years prior to her current position. During her time at CC, Lauren has also played Women’s Club Soccer, provided artwork for student publications, and participated in multiple clubs.

Outside of class, Lauren has interned for her Congressman, her Senator, and interned on Border and Citizen Security policy with human rights advocacy nonprofits like the Washington Office on Latin America.

Interested in fundraising and advocacy, Lauren is excited to focus her efforts as a Gift Officer on garnering support for the student-led CC Mutual Aid Fund this year.


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